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Scientific Study Shows Print Inversion Works

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PostPost subject: Scientific Study Shows Print Inversion Works    Posted: Wed Sep 12, 2012 5:31 am Reply with quote

Here's a summation of an investigative study by Steen Larsen & Paul Parlenvi of the Clinic of Dyslexia, Gothenburg, Sweeden over 25 years ago.

A colleage and I have been doing Action Research with students between the ages of 6 and 13 for the last three years which has proven time and time again that Print Inversion is a valid intervention for some Dyslexic students.

Year 1984
Steen Larsen – Royal Danish School of Educational Studies
Paul Parlenvi- Clinic of Dyslexia, Gothenburg
Purpose: To investigate the influence of different scanning directions on the reading process by using normal and inverted text.

Testing Subjects – 66 second grade children
Experimental Group- 27 boys &19 girls whose reading levels were at least one standard deviation below the general Swedish standard
Control Group – 12 boys & 8 girls at or above the standard mean

Experiment 1: Two matched lists of 153 words presented – one version upright and the other inverted.
Method- Read orally, timed and recorded. Number of correct words per minute, number of errors and types of errors were recorded. After reading, subjects were asked to recall as many words as possible.

Experiment 2: Two matched meaningful 10-word sentences presented – one read upright and the other inverted
Method – Read orally. Eye movements recorded by EDL/biometrics 200 Research Eye Movement Monitor

Results for Experiment 1

Accuracy of the control group was almost the same whether they read upright or inverted, but the poor readers were significantly more accurate upside-down.

Only 8% of the errors made by the good readers were reversals when they read the normal way, but 95% of their errors were reversals when they read inverted. Compare that with 6% reversal errors upright and just 1.3% when inverted for the poor readers.

Poor readers in experiment 1 were a little slower, but much more precise when reading upside down.

Experiment 2

58.7% of the poor readers read faster from right-to-left compared to 34.8% who read faster left-to-right, while in 6.5% there was no difference.

This is different from the pattern of the good readers, all of whom read better from left-to-right.

If a criterion of 15% faster reading in one direction or the other is set, 28.3% of the poor readers read faster from right-to-left .and 21.7% faster from left-to-right. In comparison, 85% of the good readers read at least 15% faster from left-to-right, and none read faster in the reverse direction.

The poor reader’s accuracy rate was much improved when they read upside-down. In addition, they made significantly fewer reversal errors and showed a higher semantic memory when reading inverted than when reading upright.


28% of the poor readers proved to be clearly better readers when reading right-to-left (upside-down).

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