College Applicants Sweat the SATs. Perhaps They Shouldn’t

By Eric Westervelt (NPR)
February 18, 2014

William Hiss, Ph.D, a presenter at many of our conferences for teachers and college deans, has completed a new study that we hope every college dean and high school principal will read and consider. While the study doesn’t specifically address dyslexia, dyslexics are a subset within the larger group of students studied. We are encouraged by this study, and expect that it will help open access to higher education for dyslexics, and many other individuals, who for a variety of reasons struggle to score well on standardized tests. The study validates the idea that hard work, effort, and good grades are as much a predictor of success as good test scores.

For the one-page summary of the study, click here.

For the story on NPR, click here.

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