Other States Also Implementing Early Screening For Dyslexia

By KJZZ, The Show with Lauren Gilger
April 28, 2017

Arizona joined the ranks of a dozen other states that have signed dyslexia laws to define dyslexia, outline ways to identify students with dyslexia, and better work with them to improve reading. Lauren Gilger turned to Sally Shaywitz, M.D., co-director of the Yale Center for Dyslexia & Creativity and author of Overcoming Dyslexia, for more information about dyslexia and why laws that define dyslexia and allow for identification are necessary. “It would be wonderful if (these laws) weren’t necessary,” Dr. Shaywitz said, “But the situation is that such laws are very necessary. I don’t think very many people realize how common dyslexia is—affecting 1 in 5 and probably the most common disorder people see in schools.”

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