Portrait of a dyslexic artist, who transforms neurons into ‘butterflies’

By Ellen Rolfes (PBS Newshour)
April 16, 2014

Drs. Sally & Bennett Shaywitz were interviewed for this PBS NewsHour article about a dyslexic artist whose sculptures capture the beauty and delicacy of the brain. While the artist does struggle daily with her dyslexia, she has learned how to turn dyslexia from a liability to an asset, as she explains to article author Ellen Rolfes: “I embraced the fact that what appears as a learning obstacle seems to have contributed a great deal to how I navigate and experience the world.”

Dr. Sally Shaywitz cautioned that while many dyslexics are finding ways to overcome and excel, now is the time to focus on identifying dyslexia in students, and getting them the proper evidence-based support needed to overcome it: “It is not being diagnosed in schools,” she said. “The kids who have [dyslexia] aren’t receiving the evidence-based interventions and accommodations that will allow them to show their strengths … and reflect [their] ability rather than their disability.”

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