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LKA Leading the Way in Baton Rouge

Physician-scientists and YCDC co-directors Drs. Bennett and Sally Shaywitz care passionately about dyslexia and the futures of children who are dyslexic. The Drs. Shaywitz strongly support charter schools for dyslexic children and congratulate Dr. Laura Cassidy for all her efforts and commitment in founding the Louisiana Key Academy (LKA)…

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2015: A Banner Year

2015 has been an extraordinary year for all those who care deeply about dyslexia and what happens to dyslexic boys and girls; men and women. Truly, the door has opened and light is beginning to come in for dyslexia. We, at YCDC, have focused on several major areas deemed critically important to dyslexia…

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Dyslexia Supporters Come to Hartford

Dr. Sally Shaywitz testified on a proposed Connecticut legislative bill to help students with dyslexia. Nicholas Dawley, a 4th grade student at Mohegan Elementary School, and his mother Amanda Dawley came to support dyslexia at the hearing and waited to express their thanks for Dr. Shaywitz’ work and support of students who are dyslexic…

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Information on House Resolution 456 and H.Res. 623

We have been receiving a great many inquiries asking for information about two Congressional resolutions: H.Res. 456 and H.Res. 623. The questions range: “Why two resolutions?” or “Do they have the same or different purposes?” People concerned with improving the lives of children who are dyslexic—especially in terms of…

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A Mother’s Day Message From Sally Shaywitz, M. D.

This Sunday, May 11th, is Mother’s Day, a day of special recognition and appreciation for all mothers. Here, I want to honor a very special group of mothers—mothers of boys and girls who are dyslexic. When I speak to virtually anyone who is dyslexic and they tell about who has made the difference in his/her life, who has provided endless support, love, understanding…

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