The Yale Center for Dyslexia and Creativity
Charles Schwab on Accommodations for Dyslexic Kids

Helping Strengths Come to Light

Dyslexic children can provide unique insights that will enhance learning for all, and providing accomodations for these students will allow them to have the same opportunities to learn as those without dyslexia. With accommodations, dyslexic students can succeed, and also thrive at the most rigorous colleges, graduate programs, and professional schools.

  • Strengths come to light through learning compensatory or bypass strategies:

    • Use of assistive technologies:

      • Low tech/low cost: highlighters, calculators, index card to follow a line of text, enlarging print, learning keyboarding skills, using spellcheck

      • Higher tech/higher cost: speech to print, print to speech software technologies, programs to practice fluency, computer programs to assist in organizing ideas, feedback on writing in real time, word prediction software

    • Time needed to access strength and demonstrate knowledge—translates to the necessity of additional time on tests and for completion of assignments

    • Course substitution, e.g., foreign language course exchanged for a culture course (or for time to practice needed skills)