Printable Materials

Download and print these materials to help others in your community understand dyslexia and become advocates for individuals with dyslexia. Note: These downloadable materials are copyrighted. They may not be altered in any way or published in conjunction with other materials and are only to be distributed for personal use and nonprofit advocacy efforts.

Are you a slow reader, and an out-of-the-box thinker? You could be dyslexic! Learn some of the signs and share where to find more trustworthy information with this 4×6″ postcard.

Dyslexia affects one out of five people. This 11×17 combination brochure and poster is packed with information on what support dyslexic individuals need in order to thrive, and what people in a variety of positions, from parents and educators to dyslexics themselves can do to help.

This one-sided 11×17 poster is a starting point for raising awareness of dyslexia and what everyone can do to help speak up for dyslexia and individuals who are working to overcome it.

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