“To Spell the Word Spell” by Liza Pilsbury

To Spell the Word Spell

To spell the word spell
Is as simple as can be
Just spell it as it seems
But a word like vacation is difficult for me.

To read words is easier than to
spell them for sure
For me, dyslexia opens a whole
other door.

I can draw a dog spot on
and decorate a cake with fondant
Dyslexia makes reading and spelling both hard
but lets my art be on the cover of a card.

Left from Right
Months of the year
Sometimes fill my eyes with tears
Trying to remember my best friend’s phone number
Sometimes makes me kind of wonder.

But Pi Day is worst of all
I want the extra credit bad
But trying to remember many numbers
makes me sad.
It begins with 3.1459
but the rest is all a distant rhyme.
I always do better with extra time.

by Liza Pilsbury, 5th grade
Haworth, NJ

Liza won her school’s poetry contest last year.

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