Dyslexia in Texas schools termed a ‘disgrace’

By Jennifer Radcliffe (Houston Chronicle)
August 6, 2013

Since 1985, the state of Texas has had legislation in place requiring all college campuses to actively identify and provide treatment to students with dyslexia. Compliance with this law has been been very weak, and is clearly divided along lines of race, color, language and economic status.

Jennifer Radcliffe of the Chronicle interviewed YCDC Co-Director Dr. Sally Shaywitz, who provided information about the nature of dyslexia and the barriers commonly encountered in attempting to assess and treat the disorder.

Dr. Shaywitz also discussed YCDC’s Multicultural Dyslexia Awareness Initiative (MDAI), and the MDAI conference to be held in Houston later this year to promote advocacy for the diagnosis and treatment of minority students with dyslexia. According to Dr. Shaywitz, the current state of affairs is “a national disgrace. We’re on a mission to educate people about dyslexia. People are just clueless.”

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