Working with a dyslexic child at home? Help is on the way.

In just 4 days, on Tuesday, March 24th, the revised and expanded edition of Overcoming Dyslexia with the latest 21st century scientific knowledge will be released. The book is chock full of tips and resources, including online programs and online reading resources for parents who want the very best for their children. Parents can reinforce what their child is learning in school with very helpful fun activities incorporating practice materials and guidance:

© Sally Shaywitz, M.D. Overcoming Dyslexia 2nd edition (Knopf, 2020)

  • tackling compound words
  • helpful strategies for breaking up multisyllabic words
  • word lists of the most common prefixes, including the 9 prefixes accounting for 75% of all prefixed words
  • an easy step-by-step simple process on how to learn and remember the most common sight words found in books, including a list of the 150 most common found in books
  • helpful online programs teaching phonemic awareness and phonics.

Parents often hear the word fluency related to reading and in the book they will learn a direct and simple explanation of what is meant by fluency. They will also learn the basic principles of improving reading fluency, using an approach that is ideally suited for teaching at home – reinforcement rather than teaching a new concept.

Basically the book is, as its author is, devoted to helping parents in the most useful, basic ways that are fun and make a difference to their child who is dyslexic.

Pre-order your copy today.

Smile and think about how good you will feel helping your child who is at home now all day not only doing fun activities but improving his or her reading skills and how good he or she will feel.

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