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Summer Programs

Summer is a time to relax and recharge, but for students with dyslexia, it also offers an opportunity to gain academic skills without the pressure of daily schoolwork.

According to Caryl Frankenberger, Ed.M., a psycho-educational evaluation and school placement counselor in Branford, Conn. and Newport, R.I., "There are many ways to boost reading and academic skills. It can be anything from tutoring to reading for 30 minutes a day at home to attending a residential summer program."€

Below is a partial listing of summer programs on the East Coast to help parents begin the process of finding a situation that best suits their child. Frankenberger advises that, "Talking with administrators at the various programs, parents of alumni and your child's own teachers can help you make the match between the program and approach and your child."

Please note that YCDC does not endorse any particular course; the list is for your convenience.

Program dates and tuition are subject to change, and may reflect those from 2012. Please contact the school or camp directly for the latest information.

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School Name State Duration Ages Program Type
Benchmark School Pennsylvania
5 weeks 6-11 Day
Camp Dunnabeck at Kildonan New York
6 weeks 8-16 Day or Boarding
Eagle Hill School
5 weeks 10 - 18 Boarding
Eagle Hill-Greenwich Connecticut
5 weeks 6-12 Day
Eagle Hill-Southport Connecticut
2 weeks or
5 weeks
6-14 Day
Forman School Connecticut
4 weeks Grades 7-11 Boarding and Day
Gow School, The New York
South Wales
5 weeks 8-16 Day or Boarding
Learning House Connecticut
variable 5 & Up Tutoring
(one-on-one sessions)
Linden Hill School Massachusetts
month of July 7-17 Day or Boarding
Lindamood-Bell Connecticut

variable pre-k - adult Tutoring
(one-on-one sessions)
Landmark School Massachusetts
Prides Crossing
5 weeks grades 1-7 Day
Landmark School Massachusetts
Prides Crossing
4 weeks grades 8-12 Day or Boarding
Newgrange School and Education Center New Jersey
5.5 weeks. 7-21 Day
The Reading Clinic San Francisco, San Mateo, Los Altos, Saratoga CA Average program lasts 40-80 hours, 5-10 hours per week. Scheduling is flexible Age 4 to Adult Day
Schenck School Georgia
variable 6-14 Day
Camp Spring Creek

North Carolina

4 weeks
8 weeks

7-15 Day or Boarding
Windward School New York
White Plains
4 weeks 9-14
(grades 4-9)
Wolfeboro New Hampshire
6 weeks 10-18 Boarding


Centers located across the U.S.

Program: One-to-one instruction utilizing the Lindamood-Bell programs.  Will work with students who have a variety of diagnoses beyond learning disabilities including autism spectrum disorders, attention deficit disorders, selective mutism, anxiety, opposition defiant disorder, and others.

Skills stressed: Research-validated instruction addresses an individual’s specific learning needs by addressing the underlying causes of learning difficulties.

Duration of program: Varies; some children come five days a week for eight weeks; others for as little as two weeks before the start of the school year.  Some children come for two, four, or six hours a day.  The appropriate intensive, daily instruction can close the gap between performance level and potential.

Age/grade level: pre-kindergarten through adults

Cost: Varies based on student; scholarships available.

Comments : Lindamood-Bell has 49 learning centers across the United States and in London, England and Sydney, Australia. While there is no formal social time, students gather in the break room for games, contests and snacks.  Students range from those with severe dyslexia to those whose parents who parents simple want an assessment of whether their child is reading at grade level.


Landmark School
Manchester, MA and Prides Crossing, MA

Programs: The grades 8-12 program in Prides Crossing offers three academic classes plus a one-to-one language tutorial.  The High School Program offers residential and day options. The Elementary & Middle School is a day program and offers three classes which includes a one-to-one language tutorial.  Recreation activities are offered in the afternoon for day and residential students.

Skills stressed: Individualized program focuses on building language skills, phonemic awareness, written expression, learning strategies and study skills. Three academic periods for lower school students; four academic periods for high school students.

Duration of program: five weeks for students in grades 1-7 (Manchester); four weeks for students in grades 8-12 (Prides Crossing)

Age/grade level of participants: grades 1 through 12

Cost: elementary and middle school, from $4,625-6,450, high school, from $4,800 - $7,775, depending on whether student attends the half, full day, or residential program

Subjects available: Lower, Middle and high school students all receive a one-to-one language tutorial and language arts class. 

Comments : North Shore location offers many opportunities for recreation. School requires academic testing to determine needs of the students. Small class size, six or fewer. Teachers are regular faculty of Landmark School.


Linden Hill School
Northfield, MA

Program: Co-ed camp for children with learning disabilities and attention deficit disorder that provides academics in the morning and sports, arts and activities in the afternoon. Focuses on remediation, previewing upcoming schoolwork and preventing academic regression.
Skills stressed: Language training emphasizing phonics; spelling, reading, writing, and vocabulary; organization and study skills; math and English as a second language.

Duration of program: month of July

Age/grade level: age 7 to 17

Cost (2012):
Domestic Boarding $6,650.00
Day Program: $4,700.00
International Boarding: $7,800.00
One-On-One daily tutorial (M-F) $700.00 (additional)

Comments : Since 1961, Linden Hill has succeeded teaching boys of high potential who are experiencing academic failure due to attention issues; typically due to language based disability. Other challenges such as ADD/HD, Expressive and Receptive Language Disorders, Nonverbal Learning Disabilities and Executive Function deficits may also contribute to this inability to attend. At the heart of the school lies the premise that Linden Hill will be a home away from home for all of the community members and will bolster student and teacher alike in their own growth.

Camp Dunnabeck at Kildonan
Amenia, New York, near the northwest corner of Connecticut, 90 minutes from New York City

Program: One-to-one tutoring using the Orton-Gillingham method followed by a study hall in which students implement what they have learned with tutors. Duration of study hall is from one to three hours depending on the age of the student. Afternoons focus on typical summer camp activities like swimming, horseback riding, boating, karate and archery.

Skills stressed: Language skills including reading, writing and spelling. Math tutoring available for an additional $25 per hour.
Length of program: six weeks beginning the last Friday in June and ending the last Friday in August.

Age/grade level: 8 to 16 years old

Cost: $10,000 Boarding, $7,500 Day, and $5,000 for half-day.

Comments : Director of Student Recruitment and Financial Aid Beth Rainey said that because of the intensity of the remediation, children can gain two to three grade levels in reading, writing and spelling skills.
She added that her niece attended Dunnabeck last summer, so she got an inside look at the camp experience. “It was an amazing thing to see,” Rainey said. “My niece is very dyslexic and she realized that not only can she really learn how to read, but she was with 50 other children just like her and having a wonderful time. She can’t wait to come back this summer.”


Eagle Hill School (Greenwich)
Greenwich, CT

Program: The summer program at Eagle Hill School, Greenwich, is designed for children experiencing academic difficulty. The heart of the Summer Program is an intense schedule of academic instruction based on diagnosed needs. Each will receive a language arts tutorial each day, as well as four additional classes in related subject areas.

Skills stressed: reading tutorial, math, handwriting, spelling, writing workshop, oral language, literature, study skills

Duration of program: June 27 to August 3, 2012

Age/grade level of participants:
Co-ed, ages 6 to 12

Cost: $3,100

Comments : Eagle Hill has added an extended day program that provides Summer Program students the opportunity to continue their day by participating in outdoor and indoor camp activities.  Tuition for this program is an addition $1,550.

Eagle Hill School
Hardwick, MA

Program: Academic enrichment and skill development for students who have been diagnosed with specific learning disabilities or attention deficit disorder. Four core academic classes are combined with four elective classes in arts, world languages, desktop publishing, psychology and more. Clubs and athletics are offered in the afternoon, trips and adventures are offered on the weekends, including baseball games, movies, downtown Boston and Cape Cod. Social skills development also offered.

Skills stressed: reading, writing, math, pragmatics, and study skills. 1:1 Tutorials

Duration of program: Boarding program, five weeks beginning in early July through early August.

Ages: 10 to 18.

Cost: $8,332

Comments : A learning disabilities boarding school during the academic year, Eagle Hill Hardwick staff publishes a journal about learning disabilities. This year, they are offering ACT Prep for students entering grades 9, 10, and 11 in the fall


Eagle Hill School (Southport)
Southport, CT

Program: Day program includes reading tutorials, individualized instruction, small classes and multi-modal learning activities.
Skills stressed: Reading, reading comprehension, language skills, targeted study skills, math, handwriting, written expression, literature, creative writing

Length of program: June 27 to July 31, 2012. Choice of two-week programs in writing skills, study skills or math or five-week programs in academic skills and learning strategies. Classes last from two hours to a half-day.

Age: 6 to 14

Cost: $2,500 for the five-week programs; $540 to $600 for the two-week programs

Comments : Focus is on remediation and completing academic work early in the morning so children can enjoy recreation in the afternoons. Teachers in the summer program are the same as those who work in the school during the academic year.

Learning House
Guilford, CT

Program: One-to-one tutoring program using the Orton-Gillingham method, a highly structured, multisensory approach. Individualized for each student. Sessions 50 minutes long.

Skills stressed: reading, writing, spelling, math, word structure, phonics, and language

Duration of program: students typically attend 20 sessions; four days a week for five weeks. Additional hours available if desired. Summer program runs from June 13 to end of August. Tutoring available year-round.

Age/grade level:
all ages

Cost: Please call

Comments :
While there is no scheduled social time for students, children mingle in the waiting room. Parents can request that their child be scheduled at the same time as another child, if it would benefit them. The Learning House is the only clinic in Connecticut certified by the Orton-Gillingham Academy.


The Windward School
White Plains, NY

Program: Improve skills and enrich knowledge in reading, writing, math and science. There is also an opportunity for sports, art, technology and drama in the afternoon.

Skills stressed: Developing self-confidence, understanding their learning differences so students can advocate for themselves and acquiring skills to reach their academic potential.

Duration of program: July 2 to July 27, 2012, half-day academic program (9am to 12:15pm) followed by afternoon activities ending at 2:45pm.

Age/grade level: entering grade 3 through 9

Cost: $1700

Comments : Taught by Windward faculty. Courses include book club for reluctant readers. Staff is Orton-Gillingham trained.


Wolfeboro: The Summer Boarding School
Wolfeboro, NH

Program: For any student who wants to prepare for the upcoming school year, Wolfeboro offers a rigorous, college-prep program. Especially recommended for students who will be a new school setting in the fall. Not limited to students with learning disabilities. Academic classes in the morning and again in the evening. Additionally, afternoons and weekends are spent in typical summer pursuits like swimming, sailing, and kayaking as well as trips to the White Mountains and water parks.

Skills stressed: written expression, literature, reading, math, history, foreign language, science, study skills, SAT prep and English as a second language.

Duration of program: six weeks, June 28 to Aug. 8, 2012

Age/grade level: ages 10 to 18, rising grades 6 to 12

Cost: $13,000

Comments : Established in 1910, beautiful lakeside campus. Paper and pencil are used; no Internet, computers or cell phones.


The Newgrange School
Hamilton, NJ

Program: The summer program is an extension of the year-round school, which specializes in teaching students with language-based learning disabilities. Each student has an individualized educational plan.
Skills stressed: reading, language arts, social skills instruction

Date Range: July 2 to August 13, 2012

Age: 7 to 21

Cost: $8,029.20

Comments : Newgrange also offers tutoring at its Princeton location. All teachers are New Jersey State certified as well as trained in a variety of multisensory teaching techniques.


The Reading Clinic
San Francisco, San Mateo, Los Altos, Saratoga CA

Program: We provide multisensory 1-to-1 tutoring in reading, comprehension, expression, writing and math. We use research based methodologies to design a lesson that is uniquely created for a particular student to target specific foundational issues affecting their success.

Skills Stressed Reading: Multisensory integration of phonemic awareness, phonics, sight words, and fluency
Comprehension: Fluency, visualizing, critical thinking and vocabulary
Expression: expected communication, word retrieval, expressive vocabulary, organized story telling, and strengthening expression to demonstrate comprehension
Writing: Reading comprehension, organization and planning, verbal and written expression, grammar, penmanship, vocabulary, spelling
Math: Number sense, quantity sense, computation, conceptual, application, place value, every day concepts, pre-Algebra, and logic

Age: Age 4 to Adult

Cost: $99.00/hr

Comments : Learning disabilities are admired but not required. We work with students who have dyslexia, ADHD, dysgraphia, dyscalculia, and ASD.


Benchmark School
Media, PA

Program: Using the Benchmark Word Detectives program, students take classes in language arts in the morning, and transition to summer camp activities in the afternoon including a confidence ropes course with a zip wire, arts adventure, swimming, and science discovery.

Skills stressed: small group reading instruction, writing process instruction, word-identification instruction, read aloud sessions, and independent response-to-reading activities. Math tutoring also available.

Date: July 2 to Aug. 3, 2012

Age: 6 to 12

Full Day (8:15am - 4:00pm) - $3,140 (Reading, Writing & Recreation)
Half Day (8:15am - 12:15pm) - $2,280 (Reading, Writing & Recreation)
Reading and Writing Only:
(8:15am - 10:00am or 10:30am - 12:15pm) - $1,120

Comments : The Benchmark Word Detectives reading program was devised at this school.


The Schenck School
Atlanta, GA

Program: The Schenck School conducts academic camps for children entering kindergarten through eighth grades. The Orton-Gillingham Approach is used in direct instruction aimed at maintaining gains the child has achieved and preparing for the upcoming school year. Enrichment activities are offered in the afternoon.

Skills stressed: Six different academic camps address the needs of each age group. For example, younger children work on all academic skills including, reading, writing, spelling and math. Older kids focus on word structure, breaking down words into syllables, fluency, and reading comprehension strategies. Another camp focuses just on writing. Our newest camp addresses the needs the dyslexic student has in math. The oldest campers write on laptops every day, in addition to practicing reading, spelling and studying morphology.

In the afternoon, various enrichment activities are pursued: a camp in which kids "travel"€ around the world, write post cards, make pizza in Italy for example; a program exploring Greek gods, Harry Potter, American Girls dolls, nature, cooking, rock-climbing and more.

Age: Kindergarten grade through eighth grade

Cost: varies from $850 to $2,040 for a half-day program. Afternoon activities billed separately. Financial aid available; must apply by March 1 to receive financial aid.

Comments : “Families come from across the country and even from Kenya to attend the camp, because programs like ours are not available everywhere,” says Kim Youmans, summer program coordinator. All teachers are Orton-Gillingham trained and the same staff who teach in the school also work at the camp.


The Forman School

Program: Forman School offers a four-week, co-ed boarding and day program for students entering grades 7-11 who would benefit from our individualized approach to learning.

For over 80 years, Forman has focused exclusively on helping students understand their unique learning styles while building specific skills and strategies for success. Our faculty is expressly trained in validated teaching techniques and the latest assistive technologies, bringing to their work the best that experience and science have to offer.

Skills Stressed: Math Comprehension – Students gain a basic foundation in the essential concepts of algebra or geometry using a multi-sensory approach and including assistive technology.

Reading - Students benefit from proven techniques like Orton-Gillingham and Wilson-based methods to advance reading success. Teachers offer best practices gained through years of direct experience working with individual students to accelerate the process of learning.

Metacognitive Strategies - Students learn strategies for success in reading comprehension, paraphrasing and summarizing, and vocabulary growth. When students understand how they learn, they are better able to take advantage of the strategies and techniques that facilitate their individual learning process.

Executive Functioning - Students gain a greater understanding and proficiency in the skills needed to plan ahead and achieve goals: time management, task initiation, sustained attention, and goal-directed persistence.

Writing- Forman teachers will use researched-based instruction to help students improve their ability to express themselves through writing. Instruction ranges from grammar and sentence structure to the five-paragraph essay; as students gain confidence, proficiency follows.

Duration: 4 weeks

Age: Students entering grades 7-11

Cost: Boarding: $7500, Day: $6100

Notes: Forman welcomes bright students with learning differences, like dyslexia, ADHD or executive function issues, to take advantage of a time-tested program under the leadership of highly trained faculty and staff. This program provides a safe, stimulating and supportive environment for students to learn about how they learn, to practice skills essential for success in school and in life while having fun, and making new friends for a lifetime.


The Gow School
South Wales, NY

Program: With curriculum specifically geared for students who have language-based learning disabilities, The Gow School's summer program is open to both boys and girls.  The program aims to provide a multisensory approach to learning in an academically challenging environment while also offering enrichment opportunities in the form of afternoon activities--which include basketball, arts & crafts, horseback riding, among others--and weekend adventures off campus. Summer Program participants can be day students or live on campus.

Skills Stressed: Classes such as "Reconstructive Language" and "The Writing Process"€ enable students to develop and enhance their language and writing skills, while courses such as studio art, videography, and metal technology provide a chance to express creativity.

Duration: 5 weeks

Age: 8-16 years

$6,950 for residential students (includes the cost of instruction, lodging in dormitories, meals, transportation, day trips and weekend excursions).
$4,500 for for day students who attend both academic sessions and afternoon activities (8 AM - 5 PM).
$3,600 for day students who attend only academic sessions
Limited financial aid is available.

Notes: Average class size is five students. Individual tutorial sessions are available for an additional fee.


Camp Spring Creek
Bakersville, NC

Program: Four hours of academic development including, supervised guided oral reading, one-to-one tutoring using the Orton-Gillingham approach, touch typing class that also works on writing and grammar skills and multimedia, followed by a study hall at the end of the day in which students implement what they have learned with tutors. Throughout the academic day, we build natural talents with swimming, art, wood shop and outdoors, where the campers are taught rock climbing, archery, paintball, tent pitching and camping preparation as well as hiking. Afternoons and weekends focus on the arts with glass, blacksmithing and studio tours. We also provide waterskiing, camping, gem mining and waterfall hikes.  Each evening staff provide a read-aloud from chapter books.

Skills Stressed: Language skills including reading, writing and spelling. Math tutoring is available for an additional $125 per week.

Duration: 4-8 weeks, beginning June 11th to August 5th, 2017.

Age: 7-15 years

Cost: Ranges from $8,414-16,828 for residential, and $6,705 for four-week day students.

Notes: Since we cater to small groups of children we are able to get to really know all aspects of each camper. We nurture a holistic approach, understanding the whole child and helping to develop natural talents and strengthen language challenges. Our 4-week session is intended for younger children or those already receiving multisensory instruction throughout the year so that the child does not lose ground in the summer but gains a springboard to success. 6-8 weeks has often yielded 2-4 years gains in skills and enormous gains in self-confidence and independence.

Below is a list of summer program suggestions submitted by our visitors. Please note that YCDC does not endorse any of the programs listed.

School name : Reading Bootcamp
Program Location : Westport & Madison, CT
Comments :

One-to-one, individualized instruction in reading & spelling based on evidence-based strategies. Reading is taught by learning to spell (the highest correlation in reading).  Phonics, syllable types, syllable-division patterns, prefixes & suffixes, roots, and phonetically-irregular words are taught.

Sound-symbol correspondences and syllabication taught to improve word-attack and orthography.  Oral fluency practiced to develop automaticity and prosody.

At the discretion of the parents' means and schedule.  Recommended is twice-weekly instruction of 90-minute lessons (to allow for breaks) at the student's home or local library.

Elementary grades

$150/90-minute session

Comments : Chronically-struggling readers, reading one or more grade levels behind their peers, can catch up using this intervention.  Remediation may take one to three years, but the gap can be closed.

School name : Brehm Preparatory School
Program Location : Carbondale, IL
Comments : Brehm has an awesome summer program titled: Brehm's Summer Scenarios

School name : Marburn Academy
Program Location : Columbus Ohio
Comments :

School name : Summer at Carroll
Program Location : Lincoln, MA
Comments : This program is a day program for five weeks. Morning is academics with individual OG tutoring. Afternoon is pure fun camp experience.  My 5th grader had a great experience and can't wait to go back next summer. His writing skills significantly improved.

My daughter attended The Carroll School summer program last summer as a rising 5th grader and it was fantastic.  They include math instruction as well as one on one OG instruction, then fun activities in the afternoon with lots of team building.  We moved from Ohio just for this summer program and it was worth it.  She improved in all areas.  Unfortunately, she stood still during the year in her public school.  This is a wonderful summer program and year-round school.

Program is run by a well-established school for dyslexic children and teens. For kids entering Grade One and up.

School name : Durango Mountain Camp
Program Location : Durango, CO
Comments : My 13 year old son attended Durango Mountain Camp this summer, a 5 week program in the beautiful Animas river valley north of Durango. School started the week after camp finished and so far I've been thrilled with everything he learned!  Not only was the academic side of the camp a great, fun way to learn but the outdoor pursuits were an amazing experience that builds Self confidence and let's the campers really see what they're capable of achieving. The staff has extensive OG experience and in 5 weeks my son saw .6-1.9 years advancement. I can't say enough about this amazing opportunity.

School name : Lexia Reading/ Nicholls State University
Program Location : online through Nicholls Center for Dyslexia
Comments : Our school (LAVCA) reading specialist hooked us up with this program for the summer for Louisiana students.  It was online and adapted to my daughter's strengths and weaknesses.  It is made up of games, so she enjoyed it, and I did not have to be the one to constantly say, 'that's not quite right, try again.'  Instead, it is a nice computer voice.  The people at Nicholls stayed on top of her progress and would email me additional information and worksheets and dialogue to help her in her weak areas.

School name : The Hillside School
Program Location : Macungie, PA
Comments : See their website for various summer programs.

I am a parent of a 4th grade dyslexic son

School name : Summer Experience at Trident Academy
Program Location : Mt. Pleasant, SC (Charleston,SC)
Comments : Summer Experience at Trident Academy,an O-G accredited school, offers a summer program composed of Orton-Gillingham tutorials that address reading, spelling, writing and comprehension.  It is available to students between the ages of 6 and 17 from June 18 - July 20.

School name : Center for Reading and Language Research Summer Reading Program
Program Location : Tufts University
Comments : Hi there,

We run a summer reading program at Tufts' Center for Reading and Language Research that provides specialized instruction in RAVE-O and a complementary phonics based approach (typically Orton Gillingham or Wilson) to struggling readers entering 2 - 5 grade. More information can be found on our website:


School name : PRIDE Learning Center
Program Location : California
Comments : We are an Orton-Gillingham learning center and teach reading, writing, spelling and comprehension to students of all ages.  We offer intensive summer programs and have 4 locations throughout Los Angeles and Orange County.  Thank you so much for adding us to your WEST Coast list:)
Our website is:

School name : Delaware Valley Friends School Program
Program Location : Paoli, PA
Comments : A day program in one-on-one reading or other language based remediation (Orton-Gillingham), math enrichment, assistive technology, and art. 5 weeks. A brochure can be downloaded here