The Yale Center for Dyslexia and Creativity
Checklists for School
Write out a checklist before meeting with your child's teacher

meeting with your child's teacher

  • Write out a list of your concerns.

  • Set up a specific time to speak with your child's teacher.

  • Find out how your child is progressing in reading; you want specific feedback relating to their development of reading-related skills.
    Click here for a listing of these skills by age group.

  • Pin down exactly how her reading progress is being measured.

  • Ask what reading group she is in and what reading level the group represents.

  • Ask how she compares to others in the class and in her grade.

  • Ask what the expectations are for her by year's end.

  • Ask what kinds of help she is receiving—ask for specifics, e.g., is she getting extra time to complete tests, tutoring, etc.

  • If you can, visit the class during a reading lesson and observe your child along with her classmates.